What does it cost to run a fire department?

  • Fire Gear – $2,600 per set – expires every 10 years or when compromised by fire and is removed from service
  • Air Packs – $4,500 – should be replaced every 10 years
  • Air Bottles – $1,000 per bottle. Replaced every 15 years, tested every 5 years
  • Fire Hose – $200/50 feet – usually 2,000 feet on a fire truck which is $4,000 per truck
  • Extrication equipment (Jaws of Life) – $32,000, with all the advances in cars, need to be replaced every 10 years
  • Thermal Imaging Camera – $7,000 – used to locate hot spots behind walls, replaced every 6-8 years
  • Gas Monitors – $2,000 – used to monitor explosive gases and carbon monoxide

The Fleet (Photos taken by Sarah DiPaola)

2413 Fire Engine – 2016 Sutphen Freightliner Engine purchased new in 2016. Our newest addition to the fleet cost $297,500. We were able to save over $100,000 by building this truck on a Freightliner chasis instead of a custom chasis built from the ground up. It can hold up to 4 firefighters, has a 1,500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump, carries 1,000 gallons in the tank, 4 air packs, a thermal imaging camera, a full set of extrication (Jaws of Life) rescue tools, cribbing, and water rescue equipment. 2413 responds to structure fires, car crashes, vehicle fires, and rescue calls. Approximate replacement in 2036-2041.

2411 Rescue Squad – 2016 ALS (Advanced Life Support) Lifeline/Ford E-450 – By purchasing a demo unit from the dealer for $168,000, RTFD was able to save roughly $10,000. Replace in 2027-2029. Anticipated cost to replace $200,000.

2412 Rescue Squad – 2018/2009 ALS (Advanced Life Support) LifeLine/Ford E-450.  This rescue squad was purchased new in 2009.  In 2018, the rescue squad was sent back to the manufacturer and the box was remounted onto a new chassis.  Electronics and lighting were updated.  Corrosion was repaired and the rescue squad was repainted.  The total cost was $129,000.  The Township saved over $50,000 by remounting the ambulance instead of replacing it!  Replace in 2028-2030.  Anticipated cost to replace $225,000.

2418 Pumper Tanker – 2000 Freightliner 4-Guys. In an effort to operate more efficiently and effectively, this truck was acquired used in 2016 by trading in a pumper and a tanker at no cost to Ravenna Township. It can hold up to 5 firefighters, has a 1,500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump and carries 1,500 gallons of water, 4 air packs, a thermal imaging camera, and other firefighting equipment. 2418 responds to structure fires, mutual aid fires, and responds for requests for extra water. By reducing our fire truck fleet from 3 to 2, we have reduced the cost of maintenance, training, fuel, equipment, and testing so that we can try and replace our aging ambulances and work towards a reasonable apparatus replacement plan. Approximate replacement in 2022-2025 and Anticipated Cost $400,000.

2426 Ford F-150: This vehicle was purchased new in 2020 for $31,500 to replace a used Jeep Patriot.  This truck is used to transport personnel to emergency calls, trainings, and used for fire inspections and other public relation activities. Anticipated replacement is 2035. Anticipated cost is $60,000.