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THANK YOU Ravenna Township Residents for passing the 2024 Fire Levy!! We greatly appreciate EVERYONE’S support!

Important Information Regarding 2024 Fire Levy

Portage County Recycling Events 2023

The Ravenna Township Flagpole

The flagpole in front of the Portage County Courthouse in Ravenna is a distinctive landmark that can be seen for miles and marks Ravenna’s downtown area. It was built in 1893 for Ravenna Township and the Village of Ravenna by the Van Dorn Company of Cleveland, Ohio. In the fall of 1923, it was moved to its present location on land that was donated to Ravenna Township by the Tappen family. In 1994, the estate of Ralph A. Hinman bequeathed money to Ravenna Township for the maintenance of the flagpole. The Township now uses the interest from this bequest to purchase flags for the flag pole.

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