1. Daily access to public buildings is closed effective 1:00 pm on Thursday, March 19, 2020, until further notice. During this time, the Township asks that residents utilize the Township’s website or call the Township at the numbers listed below for assistance. Printed materials and forms are available on the Township’s website. Public buildings will remain closed until further notice.
  2. Visitors are currently prohibited until further notice.
  3. All deliveries are to be made to the Township Fire Department lobby. Companies are encouraged to leave deliveries in the fire lobby, ring the doorbell, and leave unless interaction with a person is absolutely necessary.
  4. Payments, forms, and other items that need to be dropped off for the Township shall be left in the drop box in the lobby of the fire dept.
  5. All correspondences from the Township, including public records requests, may be delayed during this time frame.
  6. Employees should practice social distancing and keep 6 feet of space from others and should refrain from handshaking when possible.
  7. Routine Fire Inspections are postponed until further notice.
  8. Trustee meetings will be made available by use of speakerphone outside the front of the building until a better option can be determined.